Who are Scala Surgical...?

Let me set the scene...
Dim the Lights,... and... Action;

As flour particles diffuse in the air, a beam of light shines between the slits in the wooden slates of the kitchen door. The sound of gas feeding a flame, the heat adds an ingredient to the kitchen where its temperature and smell give "the stage" genuine character.

A pre-prepared ball of dough placed onto a worktop, a sprinkle of flour, and an equal distribution of pressure through a rolling pin is used until a basic template emerges.

This template takes its real form in the hands of an artist. While being passed from hand to hand, it reminds me of the sticky hands in Wushu, the serenity of the Dervish dance, and between each hand pass; the puffing of the dust of chalk from a gymnasts clap.

Another sprinkle of flour onto the hot iron plate before this piece of art is carefully placed on and pressed with a cotton rag. Spun to avoid scorching, picked up and flipped to ensure both sides are done, its taken off and served in a perfect and timely manner.

Even though well grounded, Abdul Ghani wanted to explore the unknown. Roots don't see where they are going, they feel their way through the depths of the unknown.

Like surgery, feeling is important. This art form was quickly discovered, and those who discovered it gave credit for aspiration, a glimpse into a world beyond that picturesque scene, a chance to grow, a step towards hope in saving and improving the quality of life.

A good workman doesn’t blames his tools, but with something as precise as surgery, tools matter. Abdul Ghani was obsessed about sourcing and delivering the best instruments. He loved the beaming smile that surgeons would greet him with when he made personal deliveries. It made them feel like a part of the magic and theatre of it all. He worked on the relationship and constantly sought feedback from the surgical community to get the right tools at the right place and time.

After a while, he established their reputation as a leading supplier serving the likes of Holborn Surgical, GU and Rocket. To ensure a bright future, efforts were directed towards the UK market, beginning his first significant exports in 1978.

It was an exciting time, as surgery developed constantly, Abdul Ghani's enthusiasm for his product and business blossomed offering an unrivalled opportunity for constant developments in medical technology.

"Scala" (Greek for "Sialkot") was chosen as the name reflects the city's established reputation as a Global Hub for Surgical Instrument Manufacturing. The goal was simple, to bring the very best instruments at the best prices to the UK market.

Moving with the times and adapting to the ever changing demands of some of the most innovative surgeons in the world, Scala has established itself as a leading manufacturer and distributor of Reusable Surgical Instruments, Sterilisation Baskets and Containers.

Maintaining the highest standards of quality control, Scala ensures it’s customers across the UK and worldwide receive the right tool to right place at the right time.

Continuing a tradition that started in the dusty streets of Sialkot, Scala has been serving surgeons and the wider medical profession for nearly 100 years. It represents the very best features of a dynamic and enterprising family business that has succeeded through three generations.

For Scala delivering surgical instruments is more then just a business, it’s a Passion.

From conception to creation, our aim is to save and improve the quality of life.

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