There is nothing more comforting than recognizing something that is familiar.

We all know that feeling of seeing a familiar face in a crowd or a familiar brand in a crowded market.

Naturally we all gravitate to what we know. Familiarity is built through years of trust and reliability. Scala began as a family business and as it grew the founding principles of trust, respect, reliability and honesty remained central to the organisation.

We understand the need of transparency and endeavor to build honest relationships with our customers.

From the miner who is trusted to provide the materials required or the surgeon operating in the theater everyone is accountable and is being trusted. We are the one of the links in this chain and we believe we must also deliver the same level of transparency as we expect.

When you buy from Scala, we guarantee you quality instruments at competitive prices but most importantly you become a part of the Scala family. We’ll take care of you. All your inquiries are personally handled by your account manager and we ensure there is full traceability and accountability. 

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