Sterilisation Baskets, Dental Cassettes and Needle Cases

Sterilisation Baskets, Dental Cassettes and Needle Cases

These can be used as: 

Sterilising baskets, Stainless steel shelving, Ultrasonic cleaning baskets, Centrifugal baskets, Laboratory shelving, De-greasing baskets.

These conform to three different standards: ISO, DIN and SPRI.

Common sizes are:

240 x 250 x 60mm Half DIN (Item no: 76-0031)
480 x 250 x 60mm DIN (Item no: 76-0048)
480 x 480 x 60mm Double DIN (Item no: 76-0059)

Within the Food industry, theses can be used as: 

Cooking trays, Oven shelves, Bakery cooling trays, Cook / chill baskets / trays, Freezer trays / shelves, Deep fry baskets.

For other various industries our baskets are also used for: 

Shelving for parts storage, Work holding, Heat treatment, Display stands, Point of sale, Library racks, Cages, Pens and in Aviaries. 

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