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All our instruments are blended from a high carbon and chromium steel alloy conforming to BS EN ISO 7153-1 or BS 5194-1 (where applicable). We are ISO 13485 (2016) certified and CE approved to ensure compliance with the standards are in line with medical devices directive 93/42/EEC.


We believe that quality should be affordable and you should not pay too much for overpriced brands nor pay for a substandard instrument. Our instruments present a viable alternative to overpriced brands while building on our hard-earned reputation for delivering the highest quality products and value for money all in one package.

7 Why's

Why Scala?

Because we need you.

Why does Scala need you?

So we can show you what our instruments have to offer.

Why do we want to show you what we have to offer?

Because our vision doesn't stop with the sale of the product.

Why doesn't the sale stop there?

Because we want to know how the product has performed.

Why do you want to know how it has performed?

So we can prove that our efforts make a difference and better lives.

Why do you want to better lives?

Because we only have one life so we should live it to the fullest and enjoy the journey.

Why should you live it to the fullest and enjoy the journey?

Because we want to have left a legacy.

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