Instrument type/name: Scissors. 

aka: Sharps. 

Raw material:
 Forgings from stainless steel. 

 Silk matte satin finish / polish finish. 

Main function:
 To cut and dissect tissue. To cut sutures clothing, bandages. 

Where used mostly:
 All surgery. 

Important product features:
 Scissors come in a tremendous variety of styles and sizes. They come in straight, curved and angular versions. When opened as wide as possible, well-made scissors will have a lot of play at the hinge. This is not a sign of malfunction but a required design feature. Some scissors have serrated blades. Serrations can also be added to most patterns by special order. Some doctors prefer the serrated blades because they believe it helps prevent tissue slippage. 

Useful hints in usage:
 The curved patterns are preferred by most surgeons for dissecting, since they provide a better field of vision for the areas to be cut. Straight scissors are used when a straight cut is desired, such as in sutures, nerves, vessels. Scissors are also used to spread and probe the area of incision. The smaller sizes are used at the surface, the larger sizes deeper in the cavities. Dedicate the different types for their specific purpose¾for example, using fine dissecting scissors to cut suture can ruin the cutting edge. 

Special care instructions:
To maintain scissors in peak operating condition, they must be sharpened regularly.

Other comments:
 The most popular model of suture and wire cutting scissors are the Universal scissors 4.5 inch and Heath scissors 6 inch. The most popular model of bandage scissors are Lister Bandage scissors.

Instrument subtypes: Super-Cut Scissors. Tungsten Carbide Scissors. Operating Scissors. Suture and Wire Cutting Scissors. Dissecting Scissors. Bandage Scissors.

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