Cottle Bone Mallet Orthopaedic
Cottle Bone Mallet Orthopaedic


Type: Mallet
Vendor: Cottle


Cottle Bone Mallet 235 grams

Instrument type/name: Bone Mallets.ᅠ

Raw material:ᅠWorking ends: Solid stainless steelᅠorᅠcopper head with silver plating. Some mallet heads come withᅠnylon caps.ᅠHandles: tufnol, anodized aluminum or stainless steel.ᅠ

Technical specifications:ᅠMade from Martensitic Stainless Steel Grade AISI 420 (J1).

Surface:ᅠSilk matte satin finish / polish finish.ᅠ

Main function:ᅠTo exert force on osteotomes, chisels, gouges, etc. To drive the instruments for inserting nails into the medullary canal.ᅠ

Where used mostly:ᅠOrthopedic surgery, particularly bone grafting (harvesting).ᅠ

Important product features:ᅠTufnolᅠhandles are grooved for a better and more comfortable grip.ᅠ

Useful hints in usage:ᅠRepercussion can be a problem, especially when using a heavy mallet to strike metal objects. In these cases, use the repercussion free (dead blow) mallet. Select the proper mallet size. Failure to do so may cause the separation of handle and head, or breakage of head.ᅠ

Special care instructions:ᅠSee specific instruments for autoclaving temperatures. Lead-filled mallets are for use on flat surfaces only, as the lead may otherwise flake. Brass-filled mallets are for use on flat surfaces only.ᅠ

?Other comments:ᅠThe nylon caps may be replaced. The most popular mallets are Toffee 8 ounce.ᅠ

Instrument subtypes:ᅠ

Brand new re-usable surgical instrument. Operating roomᅠquality.

Suitable for hospital, veterinary and dental use.

Conforms to International standard ISO 7153 and British Standard BS 5194.

CE marked and produced in the UK.

Quality checked to ensure no imperfections such as unwanted sharp edges or burrs, reducing the risk of infection and cross contamination.

Easy to clean and sterilise.

Suppliers of surgical instruments to the UK market since the 1920s. Established in the UK since 1978.

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