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The world of surgical instruments and sterilisation baskets, how complicated can it be? A lot of time and effort have been put into our business, such as the following:

  1. Product knowledge

    Over the years, I have seen people come to us firstly as a one stop shop for knowledge, then for supply of their requirements. It's great to talk to people - and engaging with them in such a dynamical way is only possible due to the 
    years of experience under our roof.

    Being able to visualise what someone is talking about is a valuable skill. Passing on information to those who visit our site in a clear and concise way, requires deep knowledge of the product. Ultimately, our visitors are presented with all the information, however a phone call may be what they need so we can earn their trust.

  2. Sourcing

    It is well known that after Tuttlingen-Germany, Sialkot-Pakistan is the biggest manufacturer of surgical instruments and sterilisation baskets in the world.

    Some of the most important factors in dealing with manufacturers are also trust and credibility.

    Industry best practice is exactly that, and ensuring our suppliers adopt and follow these is not as simple as asking to see their latest certificate of conformity. Visiting suppliers is a key part of this relationship so we can monitor the manufacturing process, and tweak aspects of it where need be. A healthy relationship requires a lot of face to face interaction.

  3. Stock management

    Our success relies on our customers having a clear picture of product availability. We have an accurate idea of whats in stock at any one given time, resulting in our customers orders being fulfilled in a timely manner.

  4. Customer service

    As a family run business, we are more than happy to talk with you on the phone, via email, or even in person. Our doors are always open for you to get in touch or visit us.

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