Abrams Needle

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Abrams Needle is a surgical instrument used for the insertion of chest drains. It is a long, hollow needle with a sharp, pointed end and a plastic sheath that can be removed once the needle has been inserted into the pleural cavity. The needle is inserted through the skin and into the chest cavity, and then a guide wire is passed through the hollow needle and into the pleural space. The needle is then removed, leaving the guide wire in place, which is used to insert the chest drain. The chest drain is used to remove air or fluid from the pleural space around the lungs, which can accumulate due to various medical conditions such as pneumothorax, pleural effusion, or hemothorax. The chest drain allows the air or fluid to be drained out of the pleural cavity, which helps to relieve pressure on the lungs and allows them to expand properly. Abrams Needle is named after Jules Abrams, an American surgeon who invented the needle in the 1940s. [Internal Item No: 42-2530]