Verbrugge Bone Holding Forceps Orthopaedic


Type: Forceps
Vendor: Verbrugge


Verbrugge Bone Holding Forceps Orthopaedic

Instrument type/name: Bone Holding Forceps.ᅠ

Raw material:ᅠForgings from stainless steel.ᅠ

Technical specifications: Made from Martensitic Stainless Steel Grade AISI 410ᅠand AISI 420.ᅠ

Surface:ᅠSilk matte satin finish / polish finish.ᅠ

Main function:ᅠTo hold, stabilize, rotate, reduce and compress bone. To position bone screws and plates.ᅠ

Where used mostly:ᅠOrthopedic surgery (fractures).ᅠ

Important product features:ᅠᅠSome models come with a speed lock which can be easily operated with one hand. Some surgeons prefer the speed lock, while others prefer ratchets. Several models have adjustable jaws or hinges.ᅠ

Useful hints in usage:ᅠNarrow-jawed forceps will not compromise soft tissue and are best suited for hand and foot surgery. Broader-jawed instruments allow room for plate placement. To release the speed lock, squeeze the handles and turn the screw.

Special care instructions:ᅠSelect a forcep that corresponds to bone size.ᅠUsing an instrument which is too small or applying excessive force may damage the instrument.ᅠ

?Other comments:ᅠThe most popular models of Bone Holding Forceps are Lanes 12 inch or Heygrove 10 inch.ᅠ

Instrument subtypes:ᅠForceps with Ratchet, Forceps without Ratchet, Forceps with Speed Lock, Adjustable Forceps.

Brand new re-usable surgical instrument. Operating roomᅠquality.

Suitable for hospital, veterinary and dental use.

Conforms to International standard ISO 7153 and British Standard BS 5194.

CE marked and produced in the UK.

Quality checked to ensure no imperfections such as unwanted sharp edges or burrs, reducing the risk of infection and cross contamination.

Easy to clean and sterilise.

Suppliers of surgical instruments to the UK market since the 1920s. Established in the UK since 1978.

Buy with Confidence.