Hysterectomy Scissors
Hysterectomy Scissors


Type: Scissors
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Hysterectomy Scissors Tungsten Carbide Blades Curved 255mm

Instrument type/name: Tungsten CarbideᅠScissors.ᅠ

Raw material:ᅠForgings from stainless steel. Tungsten carbide in the cutting edges.ᅠ

Technical specifications: Made from Martensitic Stainless Steels. Scissors are Group C or D. Group C = AISI 420 B or SUS 420 J2. Group D = 420 C.

Surface:ᅠSilk matte satin finish / polish finish.ᅠGold-plated ring handles for easy identification.ᅠ

Main function:ᅠToᅠcut andᅠdissect tissue.ᅠTo cut sutures, clothing, bandages.ᅠ

Where used mostly:ᅠGeneral surgery.ᅠ

Important product features:ᅠTungsten Carbide scissors provide greater durability.ᅠ

Useful hints in usage:

Special care instructions:ᅠTo maintain scissors in peak operating condition, they must be sharpened regularly.ᅠ

Other comments:ᅠThe most popular types of Tungsten Carbide Scissors are the Mayo and Metzenbaum.

Brand new re-usable surgical instrument. Operating roomᅠquality.

Suitable for hospital, veterinary and dental use.

Conforms to International standard ISO 7153 and British Standard BS 5194.

CE marked and produced in the UK.

Quality checked to ensure no imperfections such as unwanted sharp edges or burrs, reducing the risk of infection and cross contamination.

Easy to clean and sterilise.

Suppliers of surgical instruments to the UK market since the 1920s. Established in the UK since 1978.

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